Przemiany Festival 2017 - The 1st Martian Congress

Polish Space Professionals Association, debate partner, invites to The 1st Martian Congress, part of Przemiany Festival 2017, event organised by Copernicus Science Centre.


When and where?

17 September 2017, 3 p.m.–6 p.m., Planetarium, Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw.


The 1st Martian Congress is a forum for the debate about perspectives for colonising Mars. Our discussion will be led in eight groups, focus on eight main issues and involve eight experts. Together, we will talk about logistics, technology, health, socio-legal questions and other issues related to the transportation of colonists to Mars, as well as their functioning in the extreme conditions of the Red Planet.

See details at the website:


The 1st Martian Congress


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