The Polish Space Professionals Association (PSPA) has been officially registered in 2016.

Initial works commenced in mid of 2014 when the organization established its first structures and successfully completed several space related projects.
One of them was PSPA Academy and Student Astronautical Conference, which was held in October 2015, in collaboration with Student Space Astronautics organization from Warsaw University of Technology.

At these first stages, the young organization was pre-incubated by the "New Space" Foundation, which also greatly supported projects related to formalities and  official registration of the Association.

It took place on September 26, 2016 (as a matter of curiosity: exactly two years after the establishment of the Polish Space Agency).

Since then, the Association increasingly engaged itself in building and expanding a network of contacts between Polish professionals working in space industry, in Poland and abroad.

Our projects are aimed at popularizing the space industry and above all the development of personnel and education in the space sector.

New members, continuously joining the Association, allows us to engage in increasingly ambitious undertakings and new projects. We hope that coming years will bring us even further success in supporting our mission and objectives.
The Association welcomes all individuals and organizations from space related industry and invites to join and collaborate.


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